Making Sense of the Last Days – CD Series


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Making Sense of the Last Days

6-CD Series

As the return of Jesus draws near, confusion, fear, questions and excitement abound. But thank God for His Word that lets us know the Truth! 

God is dealing with three groups of people today: the Jews, the Gentiles and the Church. After 2000 years of exile, God is supernaturally returning Israel to their homeland. The Gentile world—confused, afraid and unstable—is looking for answers. But the Church is living in its finest hour. Opportunities abound at every turn. 

This series explains how God is dealing with each group and what the future holds.

This series includes the messages:

• Without the Bible Nothing Makes Sense
• The Signs of the Times
• God Had a Plan
• The Four Covenants
• The Miracle of Israel
• The Mystery of the Church

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